*** GYPSY ***

After getting up far to early and having a round journey of 9.5h Mum, Kahlan, Ranjana, Joy and me arrived safely back at home with out new Puppy GYPSY :-)

She is a stunning Black Mismarked Phantom MOYEN Poodle.

Gypsy has been a star in the car and she slept almost the whole journey! She did get some playtime in the back of the car during our breaks and she enjoyed it. She met all of my other doggies and Elias once we arrived at home and she was very confident during the "meet and great" time. All of my dogs are happy with her and Lilly thought she is a very cute little Puppy hihihi But then, Lilly loves any Puppy <3

Gypsy already had a bath, FFT (Face, Foot Tail) shaved and her nails CUT! I think I took at least half off as they have never been cut before :-( Gypsy was very good during the whole procedure and I only done one thing at a time and then had a bit of play and then done the next untill we where all done.

She had her first few Puppy-Trainig-Times which she enjoyed and she seems to be veeery clever too :-D Now I have 3 Puppies for trick training hihihi

Gypsy has been clean so far and slept through the nigh - lucky me :-D She is now on a raw diet and she LOOOOOVES it, but then which dog does not love meat ;-) Its gone be very interesting and exciting to watch her grow and its a perfect time to get her now as Joy and Ranjana have finished their " Puppy Training" and there are still a few weeks before Kijara´s Puppies are born which gives me enough time to raise Gypsy ... so watch this space xx

Such a sweet Puppy <3 <3 <3


Gypsy has settled in nicely and she is such a happy Puppy <3 She has no problems with her raw diet and already enjoyed some meaty bones in the garden together with the doggies. I am very pleased that she is clean - during the day and at night! She loves her Puppy Training and I can´t wait to start trick training with her!

Today has been a busy day for her as she had her first trip to the car boot sale together with Ranjana and Mia. The big girls have been amazing again and Gypsy done good too. Mum carried her while I was leading the other 2. She at first was very nervous about such a busy place but we stopped every now and again where I sat on the floor with the Puppies to give Gypsy time to get used to everythníng and she soon started to relaxe and had a look around.

She also had a little run once we reached the field and she used that time to go potty. Mum then carried here again once where we back on the way to the car. Gypsy was so relaxed at that time that she tryed to get off the arm to walk with me but she is too young for that, bless her.

We did get stopped lots of times as people wanted to cuddle the Puppies - especially Gypsy - but I did not allow any contacts today and so I explained that they can not pet the dogs as the Puppies are in training. Lucky everyone accepted this and was so kind to keep a little distance to the Puppies :-D Lucky us xx I also got asked what the Puppies are trained for! Assistance Dog? Guide Dog?... Well NO, they are beeing trained to be fantastic FAMILY DOGS! As yes, even a family dog must start to learn and needs to be trained!

I have also order the nosodes for Gypsy as I have decideed to not vaccinated her for a few more weeks. The side effects are just to great and I do not want to take the risk of harming her <3 And on top of that, the first Puppy Vaccination which is most likely given at around 8 weeks of age will most certainly not work! So why poisen the Puppy? Gypsy is also getting Diatomaceous Earth in her food to help her combat any unwanted intruders.



The little Puppies is coming alomg nicely :-) She is full of joy and eager to learn and she went through the grooming training without any problems - what a clever Puppy :-D

Gypsy has meet her first stranger dog <3
One of my grooming clients came for his pamper.
Gypsy was sooooo happy to meet and great him but was very respectfull too and Patch has shown how very good and gently intact boys are <3 <3 <3
Busy morning for me and a great way of sozialiosation my Puppies :-D
Mia and Ranjana have been great too, but they are already used to dogs coming and going hihhi


Little Gypsy iscoming along nicely :-) I still have to get her lead trained which I hope to b doing sooooon lol Bu she is perfect off-lead so Gypsy is still enjoying he great weather. She has been to a few car boot sales to get used to bussy places and she has joyned my Minis on their walk. Here are a few photos and videos which I have been collecting :-)

This is from the 08.08.2015


And this are from the next day . another car boot sale togethr with Joy and Castiel and hen a lovely walk at the lake :-)


And this photos are from today :-D We met upwith "Curlyfriends Homayra" and went for a lovely walk with her and er family x




New photos of Gypsy :-)

She is roughly 6 months now and is developing nicely. She is a very happy and aktive little girl who things life is just a bog game, bless her.




I still had this photos on my computer :-) Gypsy is 10 months old in them and had a bath and groom, bless her. She has turned into a stunning young Lady and she now stands at 38cm. She has started to come into coat change and I love what I see and feel so far :-)



Gypsy had a quick bath ... Its only ONE month since her last groom and I can´t belive how much her coat has grown again! She surly needs another groom or maybe a new trim - an easy summer trim lol - but I am missing the time for grooming :-( So Gypsy will be a hairy monster for a bit longer hihihi



Welll ... I did it .... I shaved Gypsy :-D I can´t wait to have her back in coat again, but it is just not fair on her to keep her in full coat and this is the fastes way of getting rid of the Puppy coat hihihih


Gypsy had a bath a few days ago. Just look how fast her coat has grown!



Gypsy hat vor ein paar Tagen ihren 5. Geburstag gefeiert <3 Da sie immer noch ihre "Wintermatte" hatte, habe ich nun versucht sie etwas aufzuhübschen. Naja ... beim nächsten Mal wird noch mal guuuuut nachgeschnitten hihihi

Gypsy has celebrated her 5th birthday a few days agao <3 She still had thick "winterjacked" on, so I tryed to put her into a new trim. Well ... we still need to work on it hihihihi


Gypsy war nun auch eeeeeendlich wieder auf dem Tisch. Es st bei weitem nicht so gut geworden und ich hätte auch noch mehr Wolle abschneiden können aber für rund 50minuten ist das Ergebnis gut genug hihihihi Gypsy hat immer noch viel zu viel Babyspeck. Da müssen wir Zwei echt dran arbeiten, aber was nicht von Heute auf Morgen dran kam, kommt auch nicht von Heute auf Morgen runter. 

Sie hat nun ihren 2. Wurf groß gezogen und mir dadurch 2 wunderbare Kibder geschent. Ein drittes Gypsykind wird hoffendlich später auch mal unsere Zuchtbereichern. Ich freue mich so sehr auf dass was da noch kommt <3 <3 <3

Gypsy darf, WENN alles passt, als Prinzessin ausziehen. 


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