Jasper lebt in seiner eigenen Familie. Seine Tochter Mia führt seine Linie hier weiter.

Jasper has retired from breeding and is living with his own family. His dauhter Mia will continue his line.


Jasper, Apricot and white, 15.3"/39cm

past yearly health check, heart is normal

Free of Patella Luxation, Clear Eye Screening

DNA tested for prcd-PRA "A"/clear    -     DNA testd for vWD1 "A"/clear    -     DNA tested for HUU "A"/clear    -     DNA testd for MH "A"/clear    -     DNA tested for Cone Degeneration "A"/clear    -     DNA tested for PLL "A"/clear

He has a DNA pass which clears him for 85+ diseases and he is DNA profield

His genetic health index is 99




Its been a busy day yesterday :-) The I-Puppies, Lana, Hope, Mum and me have been on the road for almost half of the day. BTW The Puppies have been perfect again. And on our way back home we still had enough space in the car to take little Jasper home with us :-)

He is a very sweet Cream Parti Miniature Poodle with brown points which means that he is geneteical a Brown Parti Poodle. we hope, that Jasper will be our new studdog once he is old enough and has past all his health tests.


And her he is :-)



Little Jasper has all settled in now. he is a very happy and aktive Puppy. he is not to happy about his Puppytraining so I need to work on that one a bit more but he does lern quick by watching the others. And he has learned already, that it is no fun to bit the cats tail, bless him.



Such a very cute boy :-)




Jasper has been for his first walk.

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Little Jasper is 15 weeks today. He has been to the town yesterday which he done very well. He enjoyes the walks across the fields and is a very happy and playfull Puppy. He stands at 29cm which is 11,41" :-)



Jasper is growing :-) He is just under 6 months and stands just over 14". I am very happy with how he devellops, now we just have to hope, that the teething will go well and that he then will pass all his Health Tests :-D He has a very nice Apricot colour and I am very sure that he has inheritated the Phantom gene from his Dad. I might get him DNA teted but we could also wait for his first Puppies ... but I am not sure if I am brave enough to wait sooooo long hihihi 




Look at this sweet boy. Jasper i 8 months and stands at 38cm - all fingers crossed that he will grow a nother cm or 2 ;-)








Nearly 10 months and such a stunning boy :-D I am totally over the moon with him.




I only have 2 doggies in coat at the momnent so its veeery easy to keep up with the gooming lol Jasper is getting better each time I groom him. I cant belive how much he has changed, bless him.








I just looooooooove him :-D




Jasper is now ready for the winter :-)



Jasper has celebrated his 2nd Birthday on the 24th of this month :-D He has turned into a very stunning young man <3



I did not do a lot of grooming (only brushing and bathing) in the last few months due to our O and P Puppies, but now I thought its about time to start grooming again as it starts to get more quiet here with the Puppies leaving for theitr new homes. Jasper was first to go hihihi




Awww the winter and the wet weather is coming so I had to say good-by to Jaspers lovely coat :-( He is such an aktive and playful boy who does not mind getting wet and dirty but I do mind washing him every other day to keep him clean and to stop his coat from matting lol His new cut will bring us safe through the winter hihihi




..... Awww we still have a loooong way to go before Jasper will have his full coat again <3