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I am so very happy, that so many Puppy Families are staying in touch with me. That they keep sending me photos of my Puppies and updates. Its great to be able to see how they are all developing, to take part in their life and adventures and just to know that my babies are well xx



I have received some lovely photos and up-dates of some of my Puppies and wanted to share them with you :-)


This is little Razzel (Melody´s son Raziel)
Hello Sabrina, 
Another little update and picture for you.
Razzle is now in the gold class at dog club and was asked to attend an obedience display at a local summer fete, he was a good boy. 
Razzle is so full of fun, a really wonderful little dog, how lucky we are.
Lots of love,
Gai, Chris and Razzle xxx
His sister Lotti (Melody´s daughter Raluca) is also doing very well and has been to the groomer :-) Doesn´t she look lovely <3
I just love ther head/eyes <3 So Beautiful. Melody passes her head on to almost all of her babies :-)
Pinto (Kijara´s son Pharrell) is enjoying his life with his best friend Blue.
Little Vincenc (Zaphira´s son Tamagotchi) has also send new photos :-) He reminds me soooo much of his mother lol



Our sweet girl Rhapsodie has settled nicely with her new family and with her new K9 friend Colin who is Zaphira´s son Omero :-) You can see more of their photos on their pages: Rhapsodie or Colin xx



Quite a few of my Puppies have now moved out and I am loving all the updates which I am getting :-) Its very hard to see the Puppies go to their new families, but to hear how wonderful they do makes it much easier. Here are a few updates and photos xx


Hi Sabrina, Just to let you know Billy (tamani) has settled in brilliantly he is such a good little boy <3 everyone absolutely adores him.



Mintaka is now known as Gemma and she is settling in very nicely. She is a good girl and hardly any accidents! She adores our elder dog Evie and follows her everywhere. Evie is accepting Gemma now and they play together.Gemma and Evie are best friends now. They've been playing in the garden and have snuggled up together



This is Pinto "Curlyfriends Pharrell" <3 He is such a handsome boy and he can not deny is Daddy, bless him <3



Hi Sabrina,

It was pretty amazing seeing all the dogs today. Tamagotchi (we haven't thought of a name at all lol) met some friends on his way home and wasn't scared of the trains or buses or even the drills from roadworks. He's pooped out sleeping in his pen in my room and enjoyed his cuddles on the way home.
We'll keep you updated and thank you for raising such an amazing puppy ^^
I heard the first night is always hell but we'll see.



Awww I have received new photos of Pinto "Curlyfriends Pharrell". Pinto has turned into a stunning and elergant Standard Poodle <3 <3 <3




This is little Lotti (Melody´s daughter Raluca). She is 8 months and has just been to the groomer :-D What a stunning young lady <3


Sienna (Kijara´s daughter Samira) has arrived safely in her new home. She starts to settle in and is getting used to her new K9 friends :-) She will surly love to live so close to the beach - lucky Puppy.