I thought its about time to set up a secound page with lovely news from my Puppies :-D


I have received a few updates of my Puppies which I wanted to share with you :-)

This little boy is Melody´s son "Raziel". Razzle shows how smart the Poodles are as he loves any type of learning and training. He got his Bronze Certificate and is well on the way to getting his silver.

Hello Sabrina,
I thought you would be pleased to hear about Razzle's health check.
She gave him a good check over...
His teeth have a perfect bite and are aligned just as they should be. His bones are good, no luxation. When I asked her if his size was ok, her words were 'he is a text book example of how a poodle should be' she said a lot of the dogs she sees are way too big. She thought he was a really beautiful dog....Chris and I felt so proud and we wanted you to share our joy! 
Lots of love
Gai xx
This is Kijara´s daughter "Prentiss" She is the big sister to our "Sunshines" Prentiss has turned into such a stunning lady <3 She has turned 1 this Summer x
And this Silver Beauti is Lilly´s daughter " Chantal"
Lijiang won first prize in the pedigree section at Ravenscourt Park dog show.  She beat 25 other dogs :) Lijiang has turned 2 years this summer.

Zaphira´s son "Omero" had his first birth too (a little while ago). He is such a sweet boy and I can see both of hs parents in him :-) HIs Mummy came up with such a great idea:
 For Colin's birthday we decided to do a charity collection on our instagram for Poodles In Need and we managed to send a load of stuff to help them.

And another Melody Puppy :-) This is "Raluca". She too has turned into a beautiful young Lady <3

Hi Sabrina, just a couple of photos of Lotti, seven months tomorrow, 14.5 inches and weighs 13.4 pounds. She is such a sweet and gentle girl, I can't tell you how happy we are to have her. Gaylyn




Curlyfriends Razziel aka Razzle had a nice day out with his family and won 2nd place as cutest Puppy :-) Confratulations xx+


Curlyfriends Querin aka. Kato had his first big-boy cut :-) And he looks sooo very handsome <3


I thought I would use the quiet evening by adding a few more up-dates about my Puppies <3

This sweet boy is Curlyfriends Raziel also known as Razzle :-)

Razzle is coming along nicely and he is proving to be a very clever boy as he loves the little daily training season he gets :-) The cage training was quite a bit of a challenge for him AND his Mummy xxx But all went well in the end and Razziel is very happy with his safe sleeping area <3



Colin has send us his first Family Photo (in the middle). That´s such a nice photo and Colin looks great x




Curlyfriend Queen Mäuschen aka. Florence - she is a real character <3


Curlyfriends Prentiss, Tess xxx

This Puppy is surly growing into a very beautiful lady <3 I am glade that her family is staying in touch with me - like lots of other families too xxx - so that I can "watch" her grow up. She is doing very well and evn thought that she is an only dog, she still has a fw K9 friends to share her life with :-D



Curlyfriends Raluca, aka Lotti, is also settling into her new home nicely :-)




Here are a few more updates of my Puppies <3

This is Curlyfriends Queen Maeschen aka as Florence. She has settled lovely into her new pack and is keeping everone busy lol Florence has also won her first rosset as "Best Puppy" at the Fawkham and Hartley Church dog show :-)

This sweet girl is Curlyfriends Quentina aka Indie together with her big friend Enja. Indie and Enja have become great friends :-D

Curlyfriends Querin aka as Kato <3

He too has settled nicely with his new family and has already got a K9 friend to play with :-) Kato is also proving how inteligent the Poodles are as he is learning very fast and is enjoying the training together with his family xx

IMG_1912.jpeg wird angezeigt. IMG_1945.jpeg wird angezeigt.



Oooookey ... our spring Puppies have kept me veeery busy over the last weeks which made me quite lazy about updating my website :-( But I still have enjoyed all the lovely up-dates which I have received of my puppies during this time and now I thought its time to take a cup of coffee and uplead the lovely photos which I have been collecting over the last months xx

This are not photos which I received but rather photos we took :-D Mum, Dad, Grandard, Castiel, Mia and me had a lovely time at the "All About Dog Show" and we where lucky to meet Gracie (Curlyfriends Lady Laska), Yogi (Curlyfriends Phoenix)  and their owners there! It was soooo lovely to meet them and you can't imagine how very excited little Yogi got when he ralised that it was us <3 <3 <3


Charley (Curlyfriends Prince Charming) has semd us new photos too <3 <3 <3 He is growing and develloping nicely x

Luka (Zaphira´s son Ophelius), had his first big boy hair cut - what a stunnin boy <3

Leah (Curlyfriends Nilaja) has also send us an up/date with new photos :-) She is the big sister to my sweet girl Joy <3


Curlyfriends Prentiss ... She is getting better with every day <3 <3 <3





I was so happy when I saw that I received an E-Mail from Lijiang (Curlyfriends Lady Chantal). She is doing very well and is enjoying life as a spoiled family member :-D Lijiang is a lucky girl, as she is allowed to go to work with her Mummy!

Curlyfriends Prentiss has also send me a few new photos :-) The little girl has now - after a rough start - started to settle with her new family, bless her.




Gracie (Curlyfriends Lady Laska) and Yogi (Curlyfriends Phoenix) <3 <3 <3

Yogi has move into his new family a few days back and he is settling in nicely xx The 2 doggies love each others company, bless them. Gracie has also been to the groomer <3 She is surly a true LADY <3





I have received lots of photos and up-dates of my Puppies over the last few days :-D It is always so nice to see and hear how they devellop <3


This boy is Charley (Curlyfriends Prince Charming). He has safely arrived in his new home in the Netherland and is settling in nicely xx



hihihi Charley has helped in the garden, bless him.


Look at this handsome boy <3 Pinto (Curlyfriends Pharrell) has been to the groomer.



Ruby (Curlyfriends Homayra) waiting for father Christmas, bless her <3


Maple (Green Spirit´s Oreana) has been to the groomers too - such a beautifull little girl. Maple has graduated from Puppy School and she will hopefully soon to start her puppy agility class where she will learn to weave, go through the tunnel and other things that don’t involve jumping. Maple is quite a big girl weighin in at 8.1kg!




Collin (Green Spirit´s Omro) has also had a hair cut :-) He also looks to grow into a big boy as he already stands just over 40cm!



You will see Jeanie(Green Spirit´s Karis) in the video below. She is from Zaphira´s first litter and as you can see, Jeanie loooooves agility and its a big fun game for her <3 She and her Mummy are a great team xxx


Zaphira´s son Orion has settled nicely into his new home :-D He is very happy to have some K9 friends and he also loves all the cat toys lol Orion was nerly 16 weeks as he left me and this was surly hard as I get far to attached to my Puppies, but to hear how very well everything is going and that he has been for his first doggy walk in the forest the NEXT DAY and he was great, shows me that even an older Puppy will easily adjust into his new home, bless him. And I think all the pre-puppy training which Orion had here with us made things much easier for him ;-) He is friendly, playful, socialised, sleeps happely in his cage, is clean as night and there has only been 1 accidant during the day :-D What a clever little boy xx 



Sweet boy Lucy (Zaphira´s son Ophelius) and his frien Jasper :-D




hihihi I have been "collecting" photos and up-dates again ;-) But now I found a bit of time to get everything online to share it with you xxx

This sweet boy is Hector ( Melody´s son Merlin and Mia´s brother) It was his 1st birthday on the 6th of November and he had a great day with lots of treats and play xxx I do have to say, that Merlin was "my pick of the litter" and I am over the moon with how he turned out <3 <3 <3 Such a stunning boy :-) 


Little Beau (Kijara´s son Piccolo) has send us more photos :-D He is doing very well xx




Pinto (Kijara´s son Pharrel) enjoying a lovely evening cuddle with his Mummy xxx


Colin (Zaphira´s son Omero) has started to gp to Puppy classes and he loves it :-) He is a very happy boy and is enjoying to meet all the other Puppies, bless him. His daily walks have started to increas and his Mummy has told me, that he is very very good at "recall" so he is also able to enjoy to run across the firlds and play with his friends - such a good boy xxx



Percy (Kijara´s son Percy) has safely arrived in his new home :-D He is now living together with his granddad Adoro. It did not took long for Percy to find all of adoro´s toys, so he is a very haüppy Puppy but after such a busy day, also a very tired boy, bless him xx




A few new updates <3 <3 <3

Good morning Sabrina

Well its been a week now and everything is going just wonderfully. I have a good routine going with Polly and although she doesnt exactly leap into her crate at night, she is willingly going in now without any fuss. We have had a mixed week of quiet days and days with a few young children over to visit, my family and Polly has met a few of the neighbours and their (vaccinated) dogs. Its all gone very well.

Everyone has remarked on what a calm puppy she is and they are all impressed that she can already sit on command but I have to give you this credit as you have done so much training in this respect. Polly enjoys playing in the garden and she does love picking up any shoes sitting around and taking them out for a game of chase! She is very good with my 2 cats and they are frequently in the same room together now although it was funny yeserday morning as Barney (one of the cats) was chasing a mouse with Polly close behind and me following in my slippers trying to calm everything down!

I cant thank you enough for everything you have done. I am already feeling relaxed with this change in our lives when alot of people talk about puppies being a nightmare, at the moment I certainly dont feel this way. You should feel very proud of all the work/training you have done as this has paid off so much for owners such as me with non experience whatsoever with owning dogs.

I must spend this weekend taking more photos to send to you. I hope to be gardening as I can see Polly has her eye on the few plants I have by the back door ready for
planting and I want to do this job before she decides to lift them out and do it herself!

Best wishes, Bridget x



Little Luka (Zaphira´s son Ophelius) is also setteling into his home nicely.


Colin (Zaphira´s son Omero) has been on his first holiday and he was such a good boy and enjoyed his "new home" :-D



Pinto is growing and develloping nicely :-D He will get his secound vaccination today - fingers crossed that all goes well - and then he will soon be able to go out for walks together with his friend Blue :-D




Little Maple - Oreana - has also settled nicely into her new home <3 <3 <3

Hi Sabrina

I thought you might like to hear about Maple's first week.  She has had so many new experiences which she has coped with without any problems.
She has been to school with me each day and met lots of children, been to the vets, a puppy party (which she loved), visited my Grandmother in an old peoples home, a car show rooms, rides in different cars and a 'walk' in the woods (she was in a puppy carrier).
She has also learnt her name and can now sit when asked as long as I have a treat in my hand.
We are delighted with her, she is such a gentle, loving girl.  You have done an excellent job of rearing her




I have received looots of lovely photos over the last days and weeks and I think its now time to chair them with you ;-)

Olivia who is now named Cassie has moved to her halfbrother Gooner (Zaphira´´s son Kato) She is also doing very well and the 2 of them are slowly becoming friends <3


This sweet girl is Annabel who is truly enjoying the new 4-legged familymenber Polly - Penelope.


Roxy has taveled all the way up to Scotland where she has settled nicely into her new home. The long journey was not problem for her :-)



Pinto - Pharrell - was the First of the P-Puppies to move out. He is setteling nicely into his home and is showing his Mummy and Daddy how clever a Standard Poodle is as he is easy to train and already does "sit" He and Blue have become great friends already :-)


Peter is setteling into his new home nicely and the whole family loves him. It sounds as if he will grow into a gentle giant <3 <3 <3



Beau - Piccolo - has also arried safe in his new home and us setteling in nicely :-D

Sweer boy Adoro - Granddad to our P-litter - is doing very well and his Mummy has send me this 2 lovely photos of him. Its not that much longer untill I get to see him again <3 <3 <3




Green Spirit´s Kato - also known as Gooner - has come for a visit with his family :-) He has turned into such a stunnimng boy <3 Colour, size, coat - just amazing. He was a bit unsure at first when he met all my doggies and the puppies but he has been such a good boy and soooo nice to the puppies. The only problem was, that he did not really know how to play with a puppy, bless him. It was so nice to see him again and to see how he develloped and to chat "dogish" with his family :-) His mother Zaphira is 17.5" and I would guess that Gooner is about 19" tall! (He is alf brother to our current O-Litter)

Please KLICK HERE for more photos xx





A little update on Colin (Zaphira´s son Omero)

Colin has settled nicely into his new home and he and the other doggies are good friends <3 He is a very balanced Puppy, playful, nosy and easy to train. He sleeps through the night and is - if Mummy watchs him - clean in the house, he loves to travle in the car and he loves to meet and great people and he has been out and about a lot to see the world. He is not fully vaccinated yet so his Mummy carries him around when they go out and he surly gets feed up with it hihihi

It sounds as if Colin was a perfect match for his family <3 <3 <3



Pharrell - now named Pinto - has moved out yesterday. Pinto his doing very well in his new home and he and Blue, also a Standard Poodle, are best frinds already :-D He traved well in the car and has been a good boy, bless him, but he was not to happy about the cage when it was bed time hihihi But once he was let out of the cage, he settled on his blanked by his mummies bed and slep nicely through the night - what a clever boy <3




Omero - known as Colin to his family and friemds - was the first of our Puppies to leave for his new home and I am so happy to say that the long journey into his new life was not a problem as he has been sleepin in the car, bless him. HIs 2 new doggy friends have welcomed him nicely and Colin has already showed that he is house trained :-D Its always a bit worring if my Puppies leave for their new homes so I am always happy to hear such great news <3 <3 <3


This sweet boy is Kairo - known as Kai to his family and frinds. He is one of Zaphiras sons from her 2012 litter. He has turned into such a sweet boy and he will soon have his first agility run. We are wishing him and his Mummy best of luck xxx



This sweet girl is Summer (Melody´s daughter My Fair Lady) She will be 9 months old in a few days and she is the sister to my girlk Mia and to Hector (shown in the photos below) Summer has turned into a stunning young lady :-) <3

And this is Hector (Melody´s son Merlin) Gosh, what a stunning boy <3



Ruby (Kijara´s daughter Homayra) has come for a visit today :-) She is 26 months old and I last saw her with roughly 6 months so I was very excited to meet her and her family again. I so much enjoyed the visit and I think the doggies too. Ruby could do with a grooming lol but she still looks amazing. She has her mother coat and her fathers size and the calm yet playful character from both :-D 

Here are just a few photos of her, but please feel free to visit her Puppy-Page for more photos x



Tilly (Lillys daughter Isabella) and Mylo (Lilly´s son Ilaris) have send me new Photos :-) Both are doing great but poor boy Mylo has broken his toe, bless him. We all wish him a speedy recovery xxx And, as you can see by the lovely photos, Mylo had his eye surgery and everything went well :-D Both are 2 very happy doggies and are enoying life with their family.



This stunning boy is Dennis (Lilly´s son Lord Zeddicus) He is 11 months old in this photo and has turned in a big and stuning boy. He has bought lots of love and fun into his family and everyone loves him



Awww I have received a very sweet Photo of Gracie (Lilly´s daughter Lady Laska)

And I also received a new Photo of Ruby (Kijara´s daughter Homayra) and a summer update :-D She and her family had a great holiday in Italy and France. Ruby has traveled very well and was the "Star" wherever they went hihihihi She is such a good girl, bless her.

Adoro and his family had a nice day out at a country fair and Adoro came 2nd in the Dog Show as "most handsome boy" :-D



Here are some new photos of a few of our Puppies :-D

This 2 Standard Poodles are Cupcake and Guinness. They are brother and sister and are living a great life in the same family. The twins are offspring from Kijara´s and Adoro´s 2012 litter (Hyra and Heiron)


This 2 photos are a few weeks older and they show little Leah and her friend at the beach - all Poodles seem to love water, bless her. Leah is Rhapsodie´s daughter Nilaja


Lijiang´s Mummy has also send us new photos :-) She is doing very well and is growing into a quite big girl, bless her. Lijiang (Lilly´s daugter Chantal) and Mourice (Melody´s son Mourice) are meeting up every now and again for a nice play together :-) Mourice is the Black Miniature Poodle.




Some new photos of KiKi (Zaphira´s daughter Kahlia) You can see more hphotos on her PUPPY PAGE.




Awww I have some new photos to share with all of you :-)

Another Photo of Illy (Lilly´s daughter Iluamdra) Gosh, she is really taking afer her mother <3


This stunning Silver Tuxedo boy is Valentino (Lilly´s son Lord Eragon) He is about 10 months old in the photos and his coat is clearing nicely from black to silver - I can´t wait to see him fully matured <3



Sweet boy Casper (Rhapsodie´s son Jaison) is proudly presenting his first agility placing :-) He got a 6th place in the grade 1-3. Very well done to Casper and his Mummy. He is such a cute little boy and he can not deny his mother - just look at his eyes <3 lol  xxx



Little Jeanie (Zaphira´s daughter Karis) is truly enjoying her agility training :-)


I have received some great photos of some of my Puppies during the last days :-D

This is Adoro with his new friend Charlie, bless him.

This sweet girl is Illy (Lilly´s daughter Iluandra) She surly is taking after her Mummy :-)

Ella is Lilly´s daughter Alexis. She is turning into a stunning girl.


Little Teggie (Zaphira´s daughter Kamy) has turned 1 year this month and her mummy has send me a few new photo of this sweet girly <3 Teggie has also started her agility training. She is doing very well and loves it too, bless her.






Hector (Melody´s son Merlin) is truly enjoying the peadeling poodl :-)




This sweet girl is Gracie (Lilly´s daughter Lady Laska) She is a big and stunning lady and her silver colour is coming through nicely :-D



I have recieved quite a few photos and updates from some of my Puppies over the last days and here they are :-D

This little girl is Leah (Rhapsodie´s daughter Nilaja) She is setteling into her new home nicely and has a new "big sister" to play with. She and Hannah are best friends already.



I also got a few more photo from Kai (Zaphira´s son Kairo) He is such a happy Puppy, bless him.



Here are Tilly (Lilly´´s daughter Isabella) and Mylo (Lilly´s son Ilaris) Both are doing great and Mylo has had his eye surgery, bless him. His Mummy said that all went well and that his eye looks much better now :-) I bet he also feels much better.


Summer (Melody´s daughter My Fair Lady) resting together with her friends after a very playful walk, bless them. Summer is doing very well. Her Mummy sais, that she is a very inteligent girl and she is teething nicely, bless her xx


Adoro is also setteling nicely into his new home <3 <3 <3 It is still so very strange without him here but so far everything is going good and he and his new Mummy and Daddy are getting to know each other :-D




This sweet girl is Summer (Melody´s daughter My Fair Lady) she had her first big girls hair cut, bless her.




Awww I have received new photos of little Kai (Zaphiras son Kairo). He surly has a great life and he is such a clever little dog, bless him.

Hi Sabrina,
Hope you are well - sorry it's been so long since a little Kai update but it's been really busy the last few months.
I've attached some photos - a couple of just before Christmas day (he hasn't changed at all lol) of him helping me with the Christmas wrapping lol! And a couple of him with our old boy Hitch at one of their monthly swimming lessons - naturally fighting over the same toy! I think I'll have to put some in another email as I can't upload more than three at a time.
He is as he has always been - wonderful!!! He is so clever and happy all the time, every time I hear Happy by Pharrell on the radio I think of Kai. He is so adorable that when he steals socks or bottles out of recycling we just laugh as he runs for the dog flap with increasing speed!
He has his puppy KCGCDS and is taking his Bronze award next week and will hopefully start some agility in the next month or so. I counted the other day and so far he knows around 25 different words i.e. sit, down, up, back, close, side, starting, talk, tap-tap, check-check, both paws, nose touch, left, right, on it, in it, twist, twirl, stay, wait, ok, get it, fetch it, tunnel, go on, and he knows some of his toys by name (Fox, duck), his name. He also knows lots of other behaviours which I don't have commands for i.e. not getting out of crate/car without release, etc. He is just so amazing I'm sure if I was pushing him more he'd know far more than he does but we have taken it easy lots of toy play/rewards and just fun chilling out and exploring new places/people - he is so safe and secure just about everywhere we go.
Please let me know if you ever repeat the mating that resulted in my Kai-bean as I'd want to go down for a puppy (just not this year I'm afraid) and we couldn't have asked for any more in a puppy than we have in him.
Hope all is well your end and that all the dogs are coping with all this weather - I can't imagine how much grooming you must be doing!
All the best
Kate and Kai (snuggles and kisses to his mummies in Suffolk) xxx




I have received some new photos of Hector (Melody´s son Merlin) and his new friends :-D




Awww Jeanie (Zaphiras daughter Karis) is such a clever girl. She likes to learn and is a very happy girl, bless her.


Summer (Melody´s daugther My Fair Lady) has settled nicely into her new home :-) She is a very happy and confident Puppy who loves to learn and who enjoyes her new doggy friemds :-D



Its a little while ago since our dear boy Ilaris (Lilly´s son), who is now named Mylo, moved out and I am soooo very happy to know that he is living in such a great family together with his big sister Tilly (Lilly´s daughter Isabella). He has settled in nicely and is best friend to Tilly, bless them <3





Bengies (Kijara´s son Damon) Mummy has send me some very lovely photos of him and a very kind E-Mail too. They are surly a great team :-D Well done to both of you xxx

Dear Sabrina,
Just a note to wish a Happy and healthy New Year to you and your family (both with 2 and 4 legs!!)
Bengie (aka Damon) and I have sent you some pictures of Bengie's year - including relaxing at home with Sukki the cat, playing in Frensham ponds with lots of other dogs out for the day, with his friends at the stables and learning to drive the lorry (complete with seat belt!!
He is nearly three now and my constant companion and a very special dog - he is intelligent, loving, very sociable and is now well on his way to being a mentor dog at his local dog training centre as he is so good with all other dogs he meets - including problem dogs. He loves his agility and can now do all the different obstacles with ease and especially likes jumping! 
I bless the day I found you and therefore him.
All the best
Cass and Bengie xx




I have received some very nice photos of some of my Puppies :-D

This is Barry (La Vita´s son Farell)


This is Ella (Lilly´s daughter Alexis) and her best friend Freddie.

Dear Sabrina
Hope you are well and enjoying your Christmas.
I just wanted to wish you all a lovely relaxing time and all the best for 2014!!
Ella is doing amazingly well.
She is top of her class in puppy training classes and has been a total joy in every way.
Her and Freddie are the best of friends and play lots together everyday. Her favourite game is stealing something like freddie's socks or slippers and having him chase her, she then gives it to Freddie and she chases him!! Very funny to watch.
I have attached a few pictures so you can see her, excuse the slight scruffy look she is booked in for a wash and blow dry in the new year.
I can't tell what a lovely dog she is so clever, fun and loving.
I will keep you posted on her progress.
Best wishes
Susen Freddie and Ella x x x



And I also got some lovely photos of Lijiang (Lilly´s daughter Chantal)



Jeanie start to look like her mother Zaphira more and more <3



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