Please take some time and ready through the testimonials from new familys.







This sweet girl is Gracie (Laska, daughter to Lilly and Adoro)

Little Gracie is settling nicely into her new home.

Hi Sabrina
Just thought I would send you this lovely picture of Gracie, she is doing so well, you have given her the best start, she is sleeping through each night and is completely house trained.
She is so relaxed with everything, she went to the vets yesterday to have her first vaccine, she loves playing in the garden with Chester.
Gracie was great at the vets she is not at all nervous she has no fear of anything
Best wishes


I received 2 very stunning photos of Illy :-D She is daughter to Lilly and Adoro and  just under 16 month in this Photos. Illy is Castiels sister. I am so proud of Lilly and adoro, I think they done great "job" <3

Illy has a clear eye screening, she is DNA tests clear for vWD1 and she has a great Hip Score of 4/4 :-D Thats the way to go girl <3





Dennis (Zeddicus) is settling nicely into his new home :-D




Awww I just had to share this very cute Photo of little Kamy <3 She is Zaphiras daughter :-D


And then I have received some veeery nice Photos of Ruby and Lana <3 Ruby has just turned 2 years and is La Vita´s daughter Fatiana. And Lana will be 18 month next month and she is Ronja´s daughter Gailyana. This 2 girls are not sisters bur truly best friends :-D





Barry´s (Farell) Mummy has send me a lovely E-Mail today to let me know that my "puppy" is doing fine :-D I also received a new photo of him. Gosh, you can tell that La Vita is his Mother <3 It is always so very nice for me to hear that my babies are all well and happy in their family :-) xxx

Dear Sabrina,
We thought you might like to see Barry near his 2nd birthday, isn't he adorable? he has such a lovely nature just loves being cuddled. Our
little group are so happy with each other. Barry and Dennis (The Doodle) love to romp on our lovely water meadows, and Bert the Cocker
Spaniel plays happily with them in the garden. We still have Noddy our dear Llhasa Apso he will be fourteen at Christmas. Our Burmese Cats
Spooky and Rolo will be sixteen in the New Year. We would love to visit you one day and see your delightful boys and girls and you are most welcome
to come and have a cuddle with our boys if you are ever this way.
I read on your website this year hasn't been too good for you, we are sorry to hear that. We want you to know of all the dogs we have brought and
got to old age your breeding programme and after care (photos and video) are the best we have ever known. In quiet moments I still look at
Baby Barry having his first photos taken and love his first haircut film.
Keep Up The Good Works!!!!
Best Wishes
Christine and Colin Eves.


Sweet girl KiKi (Green Spirit´s Kahlia) came for a visit yesterday :-) She is such a sweet, happy and playful Puppy. It was so very nice to see her :-D Here are a few photos of her, and I have added more photos to her Puppy-Page.




I have received 2 very stunning photos of 2 of my Puppies :-D I always love to see them.

This is Jeanie(Karis) and her 2 friends. Jeanie had her first photo shooting. Jeanie is the little merle Puppy. She is Zaphiras daughter.

And this is Jab (Jabari) and his friend Pete :-) Jab is about 10 months in this photo. He is the brown boy and Rhapsodie is his mother.




I have received a very nice E-Mail from, Jeanie´s (Karis) Mummy :-)

Hi Sabrina
Jeanie had her second injection on Wednesday, so not long now before she can start her exploration of the outside world from ground level.  She’s already fit so much in – meet and greet in the bank on a couple of occasions, a bus journey, a busy Saturday Canterbury high street, a pub, a restaurant, the sea, dog walks (where she is quite insistent she’d be fine on the ground !), friends’ gardens, car journeys, puppy party at the vets, charity shops ..... She is totally confident and curious.  On the odd occasion she’s unsure of something, which is usually when an unfamiliar object appears where there definitely wasn’t one before ( once when there was a pile of clothes behind the breakfast bar in the kitchen and once when there was a bag of compost behind a wall in the garden )  I just encourage her to come and explore and she slowly comes and has a sniff and then all is fine. 
The toilet training is now really good.  By suggesting rather than insisting she goes when I want her to she’s much better.  At first I was sitting outside with her for an hour at a time after she’d had a nap and I think she felt weirdly pressurised into performing.  Now, I’ll take her out for a few minutes and if she doesn’t go then fine, we just go back inside.  As it’s so warm the door is open all the time and she tends to take herself out when she needs to go.  The only accidents really now are excitement wees which I find understandable and not a problem. 
Elsa is turning out to be quite a master puppy trainer.  She’s really patient and consistent.  If Jeanie jumps up and bothers her without manners Elsa turns her head away while standing very still, if Jeanie persists she does a low growl, if she still persists she gives her a sharp bark.  When she is behaving in a polite manner Elsa rewards her with a play.  It’s really great to watch, Elsa could make her own training dvd !
Jeanie has really formed an attachment to me.  This is of course great, but it does mean a bit of crying when I leave a room.  I’m making every effort not to reinforce the behaviour and so I don’t re-enter the room until she is quiet.  Hopefully this is just a puppy phase and by showing her it does not get the desired result she will soon enough stop doing it.
I’m training through play and she’s really coming along with sit, down, wait, recall and her fetch is an instinctive joy !
So, I’m thoroughly enjoying her and so is Elsa.  She’s a lovely dog and you did a great job, I cannot imagine anyone doing a better one so thank you so much.
By the way, your mum mentioned her noise, is that her happy squeak ?
Liz x




Some new photos of swett Kairo. I think he looks stunning with his shaved face, bless him




Little Jeanie (Karis) and her 2 new friends :-D





Kairo has settled nicely into his home :-) His Mummy is not able to send me photos at the moment but they will come soon :-D

Hello Sabrina,
Well it feels like he's been here forever! he is settling in very well and has meet all my family, James family, family friends, neighbours, guinea pigs, my poodles (one not bothered by him and one not too sure about the crazy little thing mum bought home lol). He's been out in the car a couple of times and has been carried out on three walks too. So very very busy times for him but he takes it all in his stride and just watches calmly working it all out. He wakes up about half four or five in the morning to go into the garden and toilet, which is fantastic, then plays for half hour before going back into his crate with a deer antler and same James Wellbeloved nuggets until seven when we all get up for breakfast and then a little walk. 
At the moment he is asleep but as it is meant to get to 34 degrees today I'd rather he sleeps through it all - maybe a nice cool bath and haircut this afternoon when he gets up lol
He is such a lovely, happy, well balance puppy - thank you so much for letting us have him I'll try and get some photos of him later to update you. He's such a blur when awake it's hard to get good photos lol
Best wishes - Kate (and little kai) xxx




Gooner (Kato) has settled nicely into his new home :-) He also had his first haircut, bless him.



This sweet girl is Indy (Hera daughta to Kijara and Adoro). She just turned 1 year and her Mummy has send me new photos of her.

Indy has won the secound place at a fun show as best mover in the ring :-)





Some new Photos of Tilly (Isabella, daughter to Lilly and Adoro)

 Tilly as a little Puppy






Jocker has settled nicely into his new home :-) Hi family loves him and he is enjoying all the attention, love, brother(Jayden) and other doggies of the household.

He also has been introduced to the horses and all went well :-D




This "little" boy is Damon but his friends call him Bengie :-) Bengie just turned 2 years so his Mummy was so kind to send me new photos of him. He is a biiig boy and stands at 65cm. Bengie still loves to go to the dogschool and he is enjoying some Agility, bless him.




This is little Joshua at 4.5 months old. He has settled nicely into his new home and his new family is calling him ROLO lol what a great name for such a sweet boy.



Illy is growing into a stunning girl :-) She has a great home where she is well loved. There are some great hopes for this girls future :-D




Cupcake and her brother Guinness - both have turned into stunning Standard Poodles. The little Toy poodle is their new friemd Jester :-D





Jaison has settle into his new home. He has 2 other doggies at home to play with.




Rafas family has also been so kind and sended me new Photos of him :-) He truly has turned into a stunning boy.



This sweet girl is Ruby (Fariana) She is just over 1 year, bless her <3




Guiness (Heiron) and Cupkace (Hyra) have sended me new photos <3 Awww they look so grown up now but are only 6 month, bless them :-)





Hope, daughter to Kijara and Adoro, has also settled into her new family. She was the last Puppy of the litter to find a home and she left us with 4 month. It is always hard to let the Puppies go. But its even harder when they are so old. I have tryed to train her as good as possible and Hope has shown her true character which is just great. She was settled in our pack so nicely and was a member of our family untill the day when she left us. I was a bit worried as noone knows for sure whether a Puppy will settled into the new home with out a lot of broblems and on top of that she had to get used to other doggies which already live in the family. But there was no reason for me to be worried. Hope lives in a great family and she has settled in nicely. The other doggies have accepted her without problem:-)




Rafa alias Hanito has settled into his home nicely. Here is an up-date about this sweet boy. He is from Kijaras and Adoros 2012 litter.

Dear Sabrina
I hope you're well. Just to let you know that Rafa is doing just fine. We have finally moved into the new house so he has a yard to play in and he is doing so well coming to work with me. He's surrounded by people who adore him and even my mum's dog, who is so old, has a new lease of life with Rafa around as Rafa has decided he's his hero. He started sleeping on his own when we moved and only made a fuss for the first half hour - fine ever since.

We're beginning puppy classes soon but he's such a good boy generally on the lead and at home and work. He has met some fun dogs to play with in the parks we walk through. He's getting big!

We got him trimmed so that he could see properly, not any kind of style though, and he looks gorgeous - it's nice to see his eyes, he has such a lovely face!

Anyway, just thought i would share his news as your his original human mummy.

Sending best wishes to you and your dogs and thanks for entrusting us with such a great chap.






Isabella, now named Tully, has settled into her new home without problems :-)

Here are a few photos of her but I have added more photo to her webpage.

Just thought I'd send you a few updated pics of Tilly and let you know how happy she is. It's like she's been there forever already! She's a proper mummy's girl, love her so much we all do. She is so very good and fun and a credit to you. Thank you for making us all smile again.

I'll send you some more pics when she's changed a bit!

Ps Tilly (just like Millie) our girl we lost recently loves the vets! She actually went to sleep in there and didn't make any fuss when she had the injection. Love her!!

PS she doesn't use the cage, she's a sofa girl as you can see from the pics! I expect nothing less from a poodle!!!




New Photos of Franja :-) She just turned 1 year. Awww they grow up so fast. I have added more Photos to her webpage.


Heiron has settled nicely into his family :-) Here is a photo of him with his sister Cupcake and his other 2 friends.

I have added more photos of him onto his webpage.



I have received new Photos of Cupcake :-) awww she is growing into a stunning Poodle.



Little Cupcake (Hyra from Kijara/Adoro) has setteld nicely into her new home and is best friends with her 2 new playmates which are a Miniature Schnauzer and a Miniasture Schnoodle (Miniature Schnauzer x Miniature Poodle)



:-) Woody has send us some Photos. He has been in Scotland for his summer holiday, lucky boy. Woody was a year in April and his a son from Kijara.



Awwww I am so happy to hear that Spyro (Ronja´s son Gabriel) has settled into his family nicely :-)

Hi Sabrina!
I think an update of Spyro is well overdue and I wanted to thank you for selling me a happy high quality puppy. The vet says he is gorgeous and really nice and a really good example of a poodle. Many call him a pretty little dog. In the first week Spyro could already sit, lie down and shake! He is getting on okay with socks our cat and generally just wants to play!
Thanks a lot and please keep doing what you do because you do it well
From Anya, Spyro and Socks



Little Gawila and her friend. She has settle in her new family very well and everyone loves her :-)



I have recived a new photo from Fiana. I could hardly belive how much this sweet girl has changed. I think she is stunning :-)

Here are a few photos of her from birth to now so you can see her changing the colour.


4 weeks:

13 weeks: curlyfriends parti poodle, curly friends parti poodle, brown parti, brindle, phantom, sabble

10 months:




Homayra, or Ruby as she is now named, is setteling nicely into her new home. Her family is very happy with her and everyone loves little Ruby. She has also been to the vet who also fall in love with her :-)




New photos of Bengie :-) He is a son of Kijara from her 2011 litter. What a stunning boy he is. He is 15 months old.





Little Elay in his new home. He has settled in nicely and has already found the best sleeping placec in the house :-) He still loves to help with the shopping and loves to be cuddled.



This sweet girl is Fariana, or Ruby as her family is calling her. Ruby has settled in brilliantly. She is a great familypet and very easy to handle. She loved her daily walks in the forist and to play with her K9 friends.





CONGRATULATION to Gracie and her Mum :-) Gracie has passed her KCGC Gold Award.

I am so very proud of her and her Mum. Her girl cousin Betty has also past her Bronze KCGC Award and

will soon start the training for the Silver Award. Thats the way to go girls :-)



This could be Frodo and MiniMe lol Its so great to hear that both boys have settled into their new Home. Frodo had to wait a bit longer untill he was able to go home, but I am 100% sure that the long wait was well worth it. All the best to all of you and I am looking forward to see you all again xx

Hello Sabrina,
We thought we'd update you on how the boys are getting on :-)
Frodo has settled in brilliantly and is coming out of his shell more and more each day, and we can now see his true personality. He is such a loving and gentle boy, who is great with people and just as good with Max. He sleeps through the night in his crate, goes to the toilet outside every time, and plays nicely outdoors and is careful and gentle indoors. He and Max get on really well and its so cute when they walk up the garden side by side. Frodo is now starting to play with Max more, but finds it tiring as Max is ALWAYS ready for a game, especially when Frodo wants to sleep, bless him. We have been training with Frodo and Max together too, and they are so clever and quick to learn, everyone who sees them is impressed! When we go on walks, all the people who have stopped to see them always comment on how lovely they look and how well behaved they are, so we are really pleased with how things are going!
We have attatched some photos that we have been taking for you to see :-)
Thank you again for such handsome dogs, we couldn't be without them!
Hope you are all well, see you soon,
Melissa, Glynis, Shane, Max, and Frodo xxx


This is an E-Mail from Barrys Family (Farell). Its fantastic to hear how the OPuppies have developped and how pleased their families are :-)


Dear Sabrina

Hope you like the photos of Barry sent just now. I wanted you to know the groomer Ruth was very
impressed with such a well behaved dog. He was as good as gold, we notice ourselves when brushing
him out how relaxed he is. Thursday he is six months and we just needed to say he has such a 
beautiful nature and we are delighted with him. How you run your breeding programme and the care and
attention you devote to all your dogs needs praise indeed. I am sure everybody who buys a dog from you
couldn't do better. Believe me in 43yrs of meeting breeders from all over you are the absolute best.
Thanks again I will be in touch
Chris & Colin




:-) I have some new Photos of Bengie. He is doing very well and will soon go back to school.



I have recived quite a lot of Puppyphotos within the last weeks but have not been able to post them due to PC problems. But now, as everything is sorted, I would like to share this Photos with you :-)


So this is Faris :-) Enjoying the snow with his friends.


Here are a few photos of Gracie, Betty and their friends - also enjoying the snow hihihi


Betty after her grooming. Just look at this stripes - WOW


This Is Dean and Fiana who is now named Fi Fi


I have recived an E-Mail from Gracies and Bettys owners :-)


Just to let you know that the girls started training on Tuesday and I am so pleased with both of them. Gracie is doing the Gold, which is quite difficult, but not for her! The trainer said she was the best dog they'd had doing the Gold for a 1st lesson, she can do 'stop the dog' really well, and immediately stops on the spot.
Betty did really well too, her recall and down stay are very good, she was the best in the class out of 15!


Look at this stunning boy :-) Fuchur is growing nicely and is the star in his family.



Lillt Cassy came for a visit today :-) It was very nice to see her again and to meet her family. Cassy has turned into a very sweet and friendly young girl. Her coat is inky black and soooo curly WOW She was a bit unsure at the beginning - she did recognised me and was very happy to see me but all this "new" and "old" doggies have been a bit to much for her, bless her. Cassy needed a little while to settle but then she has been fine and I could even see that she tried to play and got intrested in my doggies :-) She did warn my doggies not to be to rude to her but the "doglanguage" has been nice and clear on both sides so there where no problems. It was also very intresting for me to see how she "talks" to the different dogs - adult, puppy and then Adoro (Stud Dog). She new exactily what to do and what to "say" Here are a few photos. I almost forgot to take photos so this once where done in a hurry and on top of that it was quite hard as Cassy would not keep still lol But I hope to get some more photos of her in the future and of her new friend :-) The reason why Cassy and her family came for a visit was to pick up lilly Elliot who is now a playmate for Cassy.


Fariana has also settled into her new family with out any problems :-) She also has a new name which is Ruby. This is an E-Mail with her new Mummy has send to me. I am very proud of her and also so happy that she has found her perfect famiily.

Hi Sabrina,

Well I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet you & your amazing family :-)
Ruby is the most amazing girl. When we arrived home, she had a drink & then had some supper. It took a whole to get her outside, but Andrew stood outside, in the wind & she did decide to go out.
She slept through the night & had breakfast and a run around. A trip to our vet proved to be great. She is, as you know very healthy & in great shape. We have her worming medication and will do that later.
Her first experience of a collar & lead was amazing :-) she trots beautifully & when we let her off, she stayed close & was very confident.
Today has been equally exciting with her chasing her new ball all over the place. & of course she is still exploring the house.
We are all very relaxed & it feels like she has been with us for a long time. She is a special girl & has made a huge impact on our lives already.        You have brought her up extremely well & for that we thank you.
We will keep you posted on her progress as she grows up.
Thank oh again
Regards Lou :-)


Farell, or Barry as his friends know him, has settled in very well. His new friends are Dennis, Reg, Noddy, Bert, Spooky and Rolo so I am sure that there will always be one to play with lol


I have recived an E-Mail frim Gracies and Bettys family. Both are doing very well and Betty has settle in and her training is coming along nicely. Betty (Franja) will soon visit the Puppyschool :-) I am sure that she will be as good and clever as Gracie. Just take a look at Gracies colöour WOW I think she looks stunning and she has got such a great head.



Jeeeepy Max and his family were here for a visit and what a sweet heart he is :-) Still very playfull, cheeky and always on the move. He did recognized us and was playing with the others with in a very few minutes. Toni was also very happy to see her son again. They both had a big play which was very nice to see. His family is also very very happy to have him and he seems to fit into his new homes perfectly :-) His new Mommy is doing a very good job on training him. He knows sit, down, gives each paw separately, and leaves things on command - what a clever boy.

  Me and Max



WOW what a day. Woody and his family have been here for a visit :-) It was a very nice visit and I can´t belive how tall Woody has grown and how dark his colour is, much darker then the brown of his Puppycoat :-) Woody was very brave as he was introduced to my Pack and a big thankyou goes to Ronja as because of her the whole village knows that we had dogvisitors. I am sure that she will never like other dogs, silly girl. Adoro has also been a good boy. He did made sure that Woody knows his place but would not go to far and the rest of the Pack got used to Woody. Woody is a very friendly, aktive and playfull dog who tryed sooooo very hard to make friends with the others. He tryed not to push his luck to far and tryed to calm the others when every neccessary, he really was a good boy. Woody also recognized the pond and went for a cold bath just after a sort while, bless him. He really loves his family and went back to them every now and again to check if all is okey and if he is still a good boy. Getting told of by my dogs didn´t seemed to bother him at all. He would just calm them in dogs manner - no problem for him at all. It really  was just a very big game for him. Then towards the end I gave Woody the changse to meet the Puppys and even thought that the Toys have not been to pleased about him the Standards thought he was quite alright. Woody stayed nice and calm with the Puppys and was a bit unsure towards the end as the Puppys keept running after him. It was so nice to watch them. He is such a happy dog and it was nice to meet him and his family again. And on top of all this he has been a star toward the cats. He did say hallo to them but he was not bothered about my cats nor did he tryed to hunt them. It was just normal for him that there is a cat and that she belongs to us. WOW I am so proud of Woody and his family and I do hope to meet them again :-)




Easy who is knows as Max to his family and friends has also settled in now and is a joy for his family :-)

Hello Sabrina,
Thank you for the birthday message! It made my day :-)
Max has properly settled in now and it feels as though he has always been part of our family! His true personality is now coming through. He is very cheeky, clever and outgoing, a real joy to have around. He sleeps through the night, is getting the hang of toilet training, and enjoys his meals very much (especially the fresh meat!).
I have taken some pictures of him for you to see, but I completely agree with you that he is very hard to photograph as he is always on the go, so the pictures here are of when he has finished playing and is getting tired. Soooooo cute though!
Once again I cannot thank you enough for letting us adopt such a beautiful puppy, we all love him so much!

Hope you like the photos, see you soon

Melissa and Max xxx



I am so happy that the Puppys who left for their new homes have all settled in nicely. I had this very nice E-Mail and a very cute photo from Franjas new family. Franje is now called Betty and her big Sister Gracie is looking very well after Betty :-)

Hi Sabrina,
Just to let you know that all is fine and Betty is settling in well. She had a good night and is eating well. No toilet accidents yet, so once again you've done a brilliant job with the training.
The others initial excitement has worn off and they have welcomed her into the pack.
As you can see from the photo, Gracie is looking after her. Doesn't Gracie look grown up in comparison, lol.
Thank you for allowing us the pleasure of looking after both Gracie and Betty, they are both very clever, stunning girls.
Speak to you soon,
Love Vicki




I have recived more Photos of Kijara´s Puppys. All of her Babys are turning into stunning Poodles and are a joy to their familys.

This is Bengie


And here is Gracie, before and after a good play :-)


I have recived an E-Mail from Bengies Mummy with new photos :-) Bengie seems to come after his Daddy as he already stands at about 26" at 6 month  and he has some feliefriends. Thankyou for the up-date and the lovely photos xxx



WOW just look at Ciana. She is truly a stunning girl :-) Thankyou for the update Chris abd for the lovely photos.

Hi Sabrina,

 Thought it was about time i gave you an update on Poppy (Ciana). She is six
months old now, we have been so busy enjoying her company that time has gone so
It didn't take her long to fit in and become part of the family. She is a very
intelligent dog and learns commands quickly. She loves going for walks and
enjoys playing in the garden especially
hunting for frogs near the pond. She loves to cuddle up with us on the sofa in
the evenings.  We will be having her spayed after her first season, we will let
you know when she has had the operation.

   She is a very happy and playful dog and we all love her and couldn't imagine
life without her. I have sent you some photos taken from August to October so
you can see how she has grown.

Chris x




Dara has also settled into her new home with out any problems and has joined the family BBQ on her first day with out any problem :-)




Some new photos of Dean :-) He is satteled in lovely and is truly enjoying his new family and all the other animals.




I have recived an E-Mail from Charlines family to let me know that she is doing very well and that she is a joy to have :-) I have beem thinking about Charline quite a lot recently as she will be the Grandmother to Toni´s Puppys :-) It is so good to know that Charline is loved so much but it is also hard to see Toni, she is the spitting image of Charline and brings back a lot of great memories.




Parker went to the Wiltshire Wildlife Dog Show, and came away with first prize in the Cutest Puppy and winner of Dog of the Show. We also changed his name, for the last time. He is now Parker.He comes to it well and actually sets Hector a good example. We like his face with a bit of fur on it. We going to keep him trimmed like that - at least for now.



Hi Sabrina,
Bengie is growing up so fast! - he's started puppy socialisation classes now (we've done 2 weeks already) and he loves it - he's fallen in love with a border collie puppy called Jess and they play together from the minute we arrive at the class!  Its also good as the class is held at my vet's surgery so he is learning to associate going to the vet with fun.  I have also taken him to lots of different places - the local show, the high street in Cranleigh etc. and he is gaining in confidence every day.  We start more formal obedience training with a lovely lady who lives locally in  a couple of weeks time so I'm hoping we both can learn well.
All the best



Hi Sabrina,
Pictures of Woody after the groomers. He was very well behaved .  With quite a bit of puppy fur and re-shaping we can now see his shape and he looks like he is going to be  a big handsome athletic looking poodle.  His fur is getting darker and he is really chocolate coloured.  Adult teeth coming through and training is coming on.

Liz XX


Vicki has sended me a new Photo of Daria. She is turnint into a stunning girl and a big girl too. Thenkyou for the updated :-)

Hi Sabrina,
I've just seen your new puppy on your website, she looks gorgeous, a very pretty girl
Just a quick update on Gracie, she is doing very well, her training is coming along nicely, it is easy because she is a very clever girl.
All of my dogs are eating the barf diet and enjoying it very much. We measured Gracie a couple of days ago and she was 46cm tts, she is a lovely big girl.
I have attached a photo of her on her boat, lol, its one of her favourite things. I gave her a little haircut at the weekend and her beautiful cafe au lait colour is coming through nicely. Gracie is a very beautiful girl and we are very happy to have her, thank you.
Speak to you soon
Vicki x


Woody has arrived safly in his new home. He has been a bit carsick but luckely fall asleed then. Woody loves to play with the 2 daughters and is enjoying the garden. Its nice to hear that he has settled in and that his family loves him so much. I also recived new photos of him. Here they are



I have recived an E-Mail from Darius Family. They have also sended me some lovely photos of Darius and his halfbrother Hector


‘Jethro’ is fine and settled in his new home and really loves his half-brother. (Don’t ask me where the name ‘Jethro’ arrived -  I thought all was settled and suddenly Heather came up with Jethro. Anyway that has to be it as he is now Jethro at the vets). He has had a jab and is fine. He seemed to be a little fussy with the dry food, but we’ve mixed it with the tinned and he is okay with that.

Attached are a couple of pictures you can use if you like.




I have recived a very nice E-Mail from Charly with some nice photos. He really is coming along nicely and its nice to know that Charly has found the right family.

Hi Sabrina :)

Just wanted to say how sorry we are that Ciana and her new home were not a perfect match. I suppose it is much better that she didn't have time to settle in only to find she was moving on and I'm sure she's enjoying being back with you, her litter mates and the pack. Still it must have been very confusing and scary for her. Hopefully her perfect family will come for her soon. We couldn't imagine being without Charly now.
We thought as little Charly has been with us a week now we would update you on his progress....and ours lol.
Charly is definitely settled in and completely at home here, he's an absolute joy to care for, we're so happy with him. We did his worming which he didn't mind taking but had a little bit of a poorly tummy on it so was very much wanting to cuddle and sleep for a couple of days...which is what he did...once that little boy gets off to sleep there's no waking him...a bit like Dan, lol. He's doing very well with his training and his favourite is definitely the "sit" command which he does on his own whenever he wants something. "Down" and lead training are coming along nicely, though we only do lead training in the house at the minute as he gets very distracted and bouncy outside. House training...well, he's an angel and has so far still not messed in his Den (cage/crate) he always sleeps right through the night without a peep and only had a couple of accidents inside the house which were my fault, thought he wanted his lunch...oops...he's quickly learnt that mummy doesn't always know the difference between whining when he's sitting in between my feet so asks at the door now :) 
He is praised for everything, doing his business outside, waiting to have his feet dried at the door, being quiet in his Den at nap times. We've had to make a real effort to leave him alone every now and then, up until a couple of days ago we'd been doing it when Charly was sleeping but he can sleep for so long that he was still dreaming when we got back so didn't know we'd been gone at all, lol. Now we put him in for a few minutes when he's wide awake and return to him a few minutes after he calms down and is quiet, took him less than 10 minutes the first time to settle....we were amazed! We'll gradually extend the time as he gets used to it. 
He's quite the mummy's boy and follows me everywhere and gets most upset if I leave the room without him (even with other people there) he's getting better at understanding I come back...and I always wait until he's calm (unless I'm certain he needs to go to the toilet). He gets lots of play time (both with Dan and I and on his own with us just watching) and cuddles, we've got a system of Charly being allowed on laps for a cuddle only when the person is sitting on the floor and when he's calm, when we're on furniture he happily curls up around our feet, bless him. We're also making a point of getting people to come and cuddle me or be close to me while charly's on my lap so that he understands not become possessive over his mum. 
So much to tell you! Sorry about the essay! 
We've also been working on grooming, and he gets a full brush through ever day, he thinks the spray bottle that sprays a fine mist of water over him before brushing is wonderful. I've been using his doggy blaster to blow dry my hair so that he gets used to that be honest even on the first attempt he thought it was fun and then boring so just got on with his own thing, playing with his toys. 
Charly is the most sociable little pup and we've taken him to town and in pet stores where he's met lots of people and got fusses and treats which he thinks is just wonderful, he's very eager to be down on the floor exploring on his own but as carrying him round = cuddles he's more than content to relax and enjoy all the new things that are going on around him. He likes car journeys and like a small child falls asleep almost as soon as the engine is running. Charly has also had lots of visitors in his new home and has been a perfect gentleman and loves the attention.
Our biggest challenges so far are rainy days and training the other people in his life, lol. Charly loves being outside and likes nothing more than following a scent, digging for treasure...which is anything from a leaf to a magic stick which he will then run over to show us and then run away with it so that we can't take it off him. He can run and run but we've had some awful heavy rain the last few days and even doing our best to entertain him inside it just doesn't tire him like the garden, last night he was into everything being a little terror, jumping up and chewing/nipping/biting, hands, feet, clothing....anything he could get his teeth on, lol. That brings us nicely onto the training of people, we are trying to discourage the chewing of people, all puppies do it of course but it can really hurt so if Charly's getting too boisterous and has swapped his toys for people parts we yelp like a pup would when bitten too hard and stop play....if that doesn't work we stay completely still and ignore him until he gets bored, this one works well and he knows almost straight away when jumping and nipping me and sits down knowing I won't play until he stops. Dan and I have got quite good at this strategy. Friends and relatives however encourage the nipping and then seem surprised that they have bruises all over. Today we are making a big poster to go over the fireplace where people enter the house the heading will be "PEOPLE RULES" lol, just basic things to keep things consistent for Charly. Little things that he already does with us.
His vaccination has been changed to Tuesday, so we will let you know how he gets on. Unfortunately there aren't any puppy classes running at the moment for him as all the ones I have enquired about only accept fully vaccinated puppies so we're having to wait until August as it stands....though I'm still searching for a class starting in July. In the meantime we have been invited to join to puppy play groups once he's had his second vaccination so he will be able to enjoy some proper puppy play soon! Doggy companionship is something we haven't yet found for him so it will be wonderful for Charly to have that socialisation...we're all really looking forward to it. 
All in all, Dan and I are very very proud parents, we love Charly so much! Yes he can be a lot of work but we knew this and we're amazed by him. We couldn't wish for a more wonderfully puppy. Thank you :)
With all the bad weather and focussing on looking after Charly we haven't had many good photo opportunities but we've done our best and attached some photos we've taken over the last couple of days, he's grown a lot in one week!....Just having a look through actually have quite a few photos :)
Hope all is well with you and your curly friends.
Sam, Dan and Charly xx

Look at this lovely card which I have recived from Charlys new family.

Charline has settled into her new home with no problem and it is nice to hear how everyone likes her.

Hi Sabrina
We are absolutely delighted to have Charlie join our little family.  She is absolutely lovely and lying across my lap while I type this. 
The first night she was not very happy, we fried her some chicken which she loved, and then she had a little more the next morning with the dried and now all is well on the eating front.  She is clearly a people person and found comfort in lying as close as she posssibly could to me which was completely fine with me.
On Saturday we took her out for Breakfast at the local pub - the Butt and Oyster where dogs are welcome in the bar.  She was as good as gold.  In the afternoon we had a nice long walk, and she clearly loves her walks.  In the evening we had 6 people visiting for supper, and they were most impressed with her friendliness and good manners - she was much better behaved than Milly!
This morning Charlie has been posing in the choice of beds we have given her, so you can see her settled.  The one that she likes particularly is under my desk, and this is where she goes if we are both busy.  There are masses of toys lying about round here, but she has taken a small stuffed toy as her favourite as you will see.
Charlie is a lovely dog and a credit to you.  You must all miss her very much.  We will certainly keep in touch and let you know how she is.
Kind regards
Linda and Geoff

Alfie´s Mom sended me new photos. Alfie (Bakari) has turned into a great familypet who has a great loving personality and he is very loyal to his Mom and very well behaved. He defenately comes after his Dad as he loves to be the No. 1 and he wants all the attention, bles him. Here are some photos.



Bilgin´s Daddy has been so kind and sended me an update about Gin. Here are some new photos of him. Gin has settled with his new family with no problems and is enjoying his life as a much beloved familypet. He is a very friendly and playfull boy. 

Here a new photos of Gin



I was very pleased as I checked my E-Mails yesterday as Philippa was so kind and sended me updated photos of Basilia who is now 6 month - Thankyou very much. It is alway a great feeling to hear how good the kittens settle into there new homes and to see how they develop and what wonderful character they become.

"Here are a few photos of Basilia - who is now fondly renamed 'Twiggy' , she is a real character and has found her place between my two other cats although she is in the process of trying to establish herself as top cat....! Will wait and see if she assumes that position in my next update .LOL."


I have recived a wonderfull "tankyou card"  from Dschamilas and Daktotas new family. Both of them have settled in straight away and everyone loves them. It is such a good feeling to know that everyone is happy and that my babys have found the right homes. And ofcourse to ready read this makes me proud of my babys.  

" Dear Sabrina. Just to say Thank you for our beautiful kittens. They have settled so well we love then dearly already. The Vet said she had not seen such happy, healthy and well socilised kittens for a long time. She tought they were beautifil. So thank you once again"

Little Dakota has also found his new family with feline company.

Just  letting you know that Dakota has settled in our home really well tonight. He wasnt at home long when he used his litter tray and soon after he had a good feed and drink. He is getting on quite well with my moggy Stewart and its now 12.03am and he has just began to settle down after exploring his new home lol. He loves all of us and gets plenty of love in return. Dakota is a credit to you and he is an apsolute stunning little boy. Thank you also for putting up those photos of Dakota when he was very young , and the pics of his family. If i know anyone who is after a Bengal, I will not hesitate to send them your way as i, myself are 100% satisfied with my little boy.  By the way he talks a lot too lol. Thanks once again, Julie




We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a very Happy New Year. Just to let you know that the little girls had their "op" yesterday. I have attached a couple of photos which I hope you will enjoy.  
They are developing into lovely cats with very different personalities. Conchita now of course known as Zsa Zsa is into everything and very motherly towards Crystal (Eva). Eva is the calmer of the two. They are so funny they now will only drink fresh water from a tap! They both love human company and are an absolute joy.
They are wonderful and a real credit to the way that you looked after them from birth. We are happy to add any kind of testimonial for you as we are so delighted with them.