Green Spirit´s Bengalcats

This is LUCY


I got my first cat, Lucy, in November 2004. Little Lucy was born on the 26th of September 2004. Both of her parents where striayer and a friend rescued her mother as she was not welcome at the horse stable where she decided to give birth.

Lucy was a very special cat with an amazing character. She was more a dog than a cat and when I went with my dog Aris for a walk, she would always come with us. It was soooo lovely to watch her as I introduced her into Aris and his sisters and brother. They where just 2 weeks old.  Aris and Lucy grow up together and became best friends.

We all had a great time together. But unfortunatety Lucy went over the rainbowbrig far to early. She fall asleep on sunday the 24th of July 2005. She left us 2 days and 2 month befor her first birthday. It was such a hard time for me and I can only say thank you to every one who helped me through this dark time. And a special thank you to my vet Frau Dr. Henkemeyer and Frau Dr. Dreisener who done there very very best to safe her young life. But Lucy decidet to go a different way.

I derly miss her but I am sure that she is happy and as long as I think at her and as long as she has her place in my heart, I know she is still with me. And when ever I look into Asis her eyes I konw a part of Lucy is in her.

It was a quite long time that I was not able to think about her with out tears in my eyes and I tought that I will never have a new cat. I always feeld so guilty and I was so sorry for her. But one morning I woke up and new it is over. I knew Lucy would like me to have a new cat, a new friend.

It was the very first time that I saw a photo of a brown marble Bengalcat and as they look so much like Lucy I knew it must be this lovely breed. It is because of Lucy that I decided to carry on with Bengalcats.

Yentai´s Asis is my very first Bengalcat and after some time I decided to breed this lovely and stunning cats.

Please klick on the names to find out more about my Bengals.

My cats are registered with the GCCF and I am a member of The Bengalcat Club


All of my cats have been neutered now and I will not have any kittens for the next few years.


*** Elias, mein letzter Kater aus eigener Zucht, ist im Januar 2018 über die Regenbogenbrücke gegangen. Seit dem läuft hier leider kein Tiger mehr herum. Früher oder später wird auch hier wider geschurrt, aber wann das sein wird, weiß ich nicht :-( ***


ELIAS, neutered


CAECILIA, spayed

ABBY, spayed